Tour the Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina

After picking you up from your hotel we head to the Cataratas del Iguazu National Park (Iguazú Falls). The 55 square kilometer (13,590 acre) Iguazu National Park which was created in 1934 is dedicated to the preservation of the wildlife and vegetation of the area. The Iguazu National Park was named after the Iguazu River which serves as its northern limit. In the language of the native Guarani tribe, Iguazu means Big Water, which is quite accurate considering the Iguazu River flows at approximately 1,750 cubic meters (462,301 gallons) per second. The Iguazu Falls are made up of more than 275 waterfalls inside the Iguazu National Park, each fall ranging from 30 to 80 meters (98 to 262 feet) in height. An eco-friendly electric train transports visitor’s from the Visitor’s Center at the park’s entrance to the Cataratas and Garganta del Diablo stations deep within the park, from where all the walking trails begin.

The Cataratas Station is the starting point for two trails, the Upper Trail and the Lower Trail. The Upper Trail is 1,200 meters (3/4 mile) long and offers wonderful panoramic views. This trail passes over the following waterfalls: Dos Hermanas, Chico, Ramirez, Bossetti, Adam and Eve, and Bernabe Mendez, ending at Mbigua where you turn around and head back. Wide jungle clearings along the Upper Trail provide spectacular panoramic views of multiple waterfalls. The Lower Trail is 1,700 meters (approx. 1 mile) long, with eight scenic lookout spots. This trail gives visitors the chance to interact more closely with nature, as it passes through and over waterfalls along the edge of jungle.

Once you’ve completed the Upper and Lower trails, head back to the Cataratas Station to catch the jungle train to the next station. The train ride will take you 3 km up-river, deeper into the sub- tropical forest to the Garganta del Diablo Station. From there you follow the trail across the river to the biggest and most spectacular waterfall of them all, the Garganta del Diablo, the Devil’s Throat.

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