Sport Fishing in Cordoba, Argentina

The rivers and streams of Cordoba run between mountain slopes at altitudes ranging between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level. They are clear, cold, and ideal for fly fishing. You can go fishing alone or you can hire a fishing guide through the local tourism bureau. Before you set out you should familiarize yourself with the fishing rules of your particular destination. Fish and game wardens patrol regularly to ensure sport fishing continues to be a sustainable sport for future generations.

Sport fishing of Pejerrey (fresh water Silversides) is allowed throughout the year in the following locations with the maximum catch limits indicated: (embalse means reservoir and laguna means lake)

  • Embalse Rio III: 30 fish
  • Embalse La Viña: 70 fish
  • Embalse Cruz del Eje: 100 fish
  • Embalse Piedras Moras: 30 fish
  • Embalse La Falda: 15 fish
  • Embalse San Roque: 70 fish
  • Embalse Los Molinos: 50 fish
  • Embalse La Quebrada: 20 fish
  • Embalse Las Pichanas: 50 fish
  • Embalse El Cajón: 80 fish
  • Embalse Cerro Pelado: 30 fish
  • Laguna De Camoati: 50 fish
  • Laguna La Margarita: 50 fish
  • Laguna Cachicoya: 50 fish
  • Laguna La Chanchera: 50 fish
  • Laguna De Suco: 50 fish
  • Laguna La Isla: 50 fish
  • Laguna En Señuelo: 50 fish
  • Laguna Mar Chiquita, the mouth of the Primero and Segundo rivers, and Laguna del Plata: 60 fish in total

The salmon fishing season begins in October and runs until the end of the last weekend of May. The fishing of brook trout and rainbow trout is limited to a maximum of three fish, each masuring a maximum size of 25 cm or just shy of 10 inches. The following species are off limits year round: landlocked salmon, brown trout, perch, trout. You must use artificial lures, natural lures being prohibited in any form. Also, you can only use single barbless fishing hooks.

Salmon fishing in the following areas is only permitted on a catch and release basis:

  • Río del Medio in the stretch from the headwaters to the confluence with El Riachuelo creek
  • Los Alazanes lake and Los Alazanes river until the confluence with Arroyo del Plata creek and including Arroyo del Plata dike.
  • Río Los Espinillos and its tributary rivers Yatán and Corralejos (within the jursdiction of the Prvince of Cordoba), from the headwaters until the confluence with the Arroyo Las Acequiecitas creek.
  • Complejo Río Grande – Complejo Cerro Pelado complexes, from the confluence of the rivers Abra de Las Cañas and De Las Letanías until their mouth in the lake as well as their entire catchment area, including El Durazno river and Los Macho creek
  • Arroyo Guacha Corral, Arroyo Rodeo de los Caballos and Las Perdicitas creeks, from their source until their mouths and the entire Quillinzi river basin
  • Río San José from the confluence with Río del Sur until the confluence with Río de La Suela and its basin
  • Río San Gregorio (Ávalos) and Río Pintos, from their source until their confluence with Río Quilpo
  • Río Tabaquillo from their source until the confluence with Río San Miguel
  • Arroyos Talita and Las Moras or Zarzamoras from their respective sources until Río Barranca
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