Golf in Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina’s Cordoba province is an ideal destination for golf lovers. Cordoba has first class golf courses with enchanting scenery. The natural slope of Cordoba’s terrain makes its golf courses all the more challenging. There are more than 26 golf courses with greens in excellent condition, more than adequate infrastructure and high quality services.

Golf in Cordoba is very affordable and accessible making it an ideal destination for golfing vacations. Beyond golf, Cordoba has unparalleled natural beauty and its capital has a rich cultural and historic heritage as Argentina’s second oldest city.  Here is what Eduardo Romero y Ángel Cabrera, both natives of Cordoba and world class golf players, have to say:

Eduardo Romero

“I have two great passions in my life: Cordoba, the place where I was born and grew up, and golf, a wonderful sport to which I owe some of the most important moments of my life. The growth of golf tourism in Cordoba fills me with pride because playing golf in Cordoba’s courses, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery in all of Argentina, is such an intense pleasure that I have always wanted to share it with golfers all over the world.”

Angel Cabrera

“Golf in Cordoba offers what every player in the world wants: first class golf courses, each with its own charms, challenges, and all the services and amentities necessary to enjoy golf. But a golfing vacation in Cordoba is much more than enjoying the sport. It is getting to know the natural and historical beauty of Cordoba. It is immersing yourself in the heart of Argentina, and once you’ve done that, I assure you, Cordoba will forever be in your heart.”

Carlos Paz Golf, Cordoba‘s newest golf course was inaugurated in December 2011 in the resort town of Villa Carlos Paz. The 18 hole course was designed by Agustín Fontanes, Argentina’s leading golf course architect. Carlos Paz Golf is an excellent golf course surrounded by natural beauty for a relaxing experience both on and off the green. Carlos Paz Golf has teamed up with La Posada del Qenti Health and Medical Spa to offer its guests free access to the golf course.

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One Response to Golf in Cordoba, Argentina

  1. skinnywench says:

    It looks a lot easier to find than the golf course in La Paz Bolivia!

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