Ecotourism in Cordoba, Argentina

Ecoturismo en Cordoba Argentina

Cordoba has many protected natural habitats where visitors can commune with nature, living unique experiences. Explore solitary paths on foot, bicycle or horseback. Listen to the birds sing, smell the aroma of wild flowers and keep an eye out for elusive animals like the red fox. You will experience many different sensations in a range of savage scenery including salt flats, dense forests, highland pastures, endless plains, rocky mountains, lakes, and even an inland sea.

Ecoturismo en Cordoba

Cordoba is a fantastic bird watching destination. The ​​Mar Chiquita inland sea and the wetlands of the Saladillo river are home to flamingos, seagulls, ducks and other aquatic habitat species. Both places are closed to traditional hunting and have approximately 170 species of birds in great concentration, making them ideal destinations for photo safaris. The Sierras Chicas (Little Mountains) and the adjacent Punilla Valley are home to many species of songbird, while the Sierras Grandes (Big Mountains) and the Pampa de Achalla are home to larger birds such as the majestic condors, eagles, hawks and vultures.

Ecoturismo en Cordoba Argentina

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