Rural Tourism in the Argentine Pampa: Estancia Santo Domingo

The Estancia Santo Domingo cattle ranch was founded in 1885 by Don Paulino Silva, and is still a family run business belonging to his descendants. Today Estancia Santo Domingo is a fully functioning farm and ranch dedicated to cattle rearing, breeding and wintering, and the production of alfalfa seed and hay. Estancia Santo Domingo also functions as a hotel and dude ranch where visitors can experience the real life of a gaucho (as opposed to the touristy shows available on the outskirts of Buenos Aires).

The lands of Estancia Santo Domingo offer a staggering variety of terrain and wildlife to the agro tourist: from fertile valleys and forests to sand dunes, salt flats, and salt ponds; from deer, wild boar, partridges, hares and ostriches to flamingos, ducks, swans, and otters. Also of note, the Dakar Rally passes right through Estancia Santo Domingo.

Guests are welcome to participate in daily farm chores or simply relax, enjoy nature, and experience the gaucho life vicariously. Available activities include wildlife watching, truck rides, farming and ranching, horseback riding, hiking and trekking. Activities with an extra charge include a full day tour of various estancias, a full day visit to Guatrache hot springs, a half day tour of Pedro Luro National Park, and a full day tour of Lihuel Calel National Park.

You can reserve your stay at Estancia Santo Domingo and other estancias in La Pampa at

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