Rural Tourism in the Argentine Pampa: Estancia Santa Lucia

Argentina is famous for its beef. Now you can see where it comes from. Many family run Argentine cattle ranches, or estancias as they are called in Argentina, are opening their doors to rural tourism. Estancia Santa Lucia extends its heartfelt hospitality to a limited number of guests each year in order to guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable agro-tourism experience.

The owners of Estancia Santa Lucia are simple but hardworking people who take pleasure in teaching their guests the ways of the land. Your hosts will share their experiences, teach you their craft, and regale you with tales of local legends, immersing you in their customs and culture. Guests are invited to participate in estancia life from milking the cows and picking vegetables, to driving horse-drawn carriages or riding horses into the sunset.

Estancia Santa Lucia is located 10 kilometers west of Santa Rosa, the capital of La Pampa province, on Provincial Route 14.  The guest accommodations consist of a two-bedroom cottage with a dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, making Santa Lucia a great destination for a family vacation. All meals are included in the room price. Needless to say the ingredients can’t get any fresher since you’ll probably be plucking them from Mother Nature yourself.

Estancia Santa Lucia also offers some additional activities at an extra charge. In March and April they offer excursions to the Luro National Park to watch deer during their mating season. Another interesting excursion is a visit to the Guatrache Menonite Colony which is approximately 180 kms away.

For more information and reservations, click here

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