Excursion to San Isidro and Tigre in Buenos Aires

Just a short bus ride north of the Argentine capital is the oasis of San Isidro, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. During the Belle Epoque, San Isidro was studded with the mansion estates of Argentina’s high society who sought refuge there from the sweltering heat of Buenos Aires during the summer months. We will stroll through the old town and visit the nineteenth century Cathedral surrounded by magnificent mansions that once belonged to Argentina’s most powerful families, some of them now converted into museums. Back on the bus, we head to the Delta del Tigre, the gateway to the Paraná River. There we will board a river boat for a ride through the five most important branches of the delta, and our lunch destination. As we leaving the port you can see traditional rowing clubs, the Parque de la Costa, the Consejo Deliberante, the Museo de Arte de Tigre, aka “Tigre Hotel” and the Sarmiento Museum among other attractions. Soon you will enter a tropical Venice, where cars and garages are replaced by boats and docks. You will see unique houses, as picturesque as the small private islands they are built on. Some of the larger islands have restaurants, social clubs, vacation rentals, churches, camping grounds, super markets, etc. Returning to the Tigre port, we board the bus that will take us back to Buenos Aires. More Tours in Buenos Aires

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