Excursion to Cafayate and the Calchaqui Valleys in Salta

The trip begins departing from Salta city very early in the morning. The bus makes the rounds of the hotels to pick up the other passengers and sets out from Salta towards the south on Route 68. We cross the Lerma Valley and its historical tobacco growing towns, evident by the endless arrays of drying tobacco leaves lining the road. We reach the Quebrada de las Conchas (Gorge of the Shells) where millennia of wind and water erosion have carved curious shapes into the rock formations giving them names like the Amphitheater, the Bishop, the Devil´s Throat, the Toad, the Castles, etc.

Once we get to Cafayate we visit some of the wineries famous for their production of the white Torrontes wine. Cafayate is the youngest city in the Calchaqui Valleys. It was settled by European vintners because its land micro-climate favor the cultivation of grape vines. After lunch we return to Salta the same way we came, back through the Quebrada de las Conchas and the Lerma Valley. Reservations

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