Rural Tourism in the Argentine Pampa: Estancia San Carlos

Argentina is famous for its beef. Now you can see where it comes from. Many family-run Argentine cattle ranches, or estancias as they are called in Argentina, are opening their doors to rural tourism. Estancia San Carlos in La Pampa province west of Buenos Aires, is one of them. Estancia San Carlos is located at Kilometer 159 of Provincial Route 10, near the town of Luan Toro, and 120 kilometers northwest of Santa Rosa, the provincial capital. Estancia San Carlos is a beautiful and fully functioning cattle ranch that still maintains cultural traces of the indigenous peoples who once inhabited its 1100 hectares. Besides the typical dude ranch activities, Estancia San Carlos also offers guests multi-day horseback treks in the pampas for an authentic gaucho experience. Other activities include nature hikes, photo safaris, and bird watching. Estancia San Carlos is a full board establishment, which means all meals and activities are included in the room price. Estancia San Carlos also has accident insurance for its guests.

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