The Harvest Festival in Mendoza, Argentina

National Geographic magazine ranks Mendoza‘s grape harvest festival as the second most important harvest festival in the world. The first place goes to the Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States. Here is what they said about Mendoza‘s festival.

On the last Sunday of February, the Archbishop of Mendoza blesses the first grapes of the harvest with holy water and offers the new vintage to God, triggering a month of celebrations in Mendoza, Argentina. Crowds of people fill the streets to watch parades of floats carrying the regional harvest queens. The festival culminates with a grand spectacle in the amphitheater, with musicians, artists and dancers performing on stage. The closing act of the evening is the election of the overall Harvest Queen amid a backdrop of spectacular fireworks

In 2008 National Geographic Traveler placed Mendoza tenth among 109 travel destinations. A year later, National Geographic Traveler included Mendoza on the list of the top 50 destinations in the world. And in 2010, Travel & Leisure magazine placed Mendoza in the top 10 destinations in Latin America.

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