Excursion from Salta to Cachi

We depart from Salta crossing the Lerma Valley towards El Carril, and then on to Chicoana. We traverse the Quebrada de los Laureles and Quebrada de Escoipe gorges to Maray. From here we begin our ascent of the Cuesta del Obispo (The Bishop´s Cliff) on a very windy road. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Enchanted Valley, dotted with small homesteads and isolated farms. We will stop at Piedra del Molino (The Mill Stone) the highest point of the excursion at 3.384 meters (11,100 feet) above sea level. We soon enter Los Cardones National Park and follow the Tin-Tin road built by the Inca. As we approach Cachi we get a panoramic view of the Nevado de Cachi and Payogasta. The town of Cachi is where we stop for lunch. You can visit the archaeological museum exhibiting pre-Colombian artifacts. We return to Salta in the afternoon along the same route we came.

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