The Valleys of Jujuy in Argentina

The province of Jujuy in northwestern Argentina has four distinct regions: Yungas (Jungles), Valles (Valleys), Puna, and Quebrada. The Valles region in south-central Jujuy offers spectacular scenery of mountains, valleys, and lakes. Combined with its year-round mild climate it is an excellent destination for nature lovers.

Termas de Reyes (hot springs of the kings) offers therapeutic baths in thermal waters. The pristine waters of the Yala Lake are great for fishing. A little more than 25 km from the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, the manmade levees Los Alisos, La Cienaga and Las Maderas are ideal for water sports and fishing.

The Valles have a rich cultural and historical heritage. You can almost travel through time visiting the native villages of Ocloyas, Corral de Piedras, Tiraxi and pre-Colombian (and even pre-Inca) archaeological sites covered by jungle vegetation. The Valles region was also a battleground of great importance in the Argentine War of Independence. This is where the revolutionaries stopped a Spanish invasion from Peru that was threatening to crush the Argentine bid for independence.

Traveling along Provincial Route 56 towards Zapla you will see beautiful transitions in the landscape between the flora of virgin mountain forests and that of the Los Tomates and Pantanillos gullies. About 8 km before reaching the Serranias del Zapla tourism complex, you reach the peak of Zapla hill. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Valle Central and the Valle de San Francisco. At first glance you can see the cities of San Salvador de Jujuy, Palpalá, Perico El Carmen, Monterrico, San Antonio, San Pedro, Santa Clara, El Piquete, Fraile Pintado, the Quebrada (gorge) of Las Capillas River, the Grande and Perico rivers, and the imposing Nevado de El Chañi peak standing tall at 5980 meters.

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