The Jungles of Jujuy in Argentina

The province of Jujuy in northwestern Argentina has four distinct regions: Yungas (Jungles), Valles (Valleys), Puna, and Quebrada.

The Yungas region is also called “the other side of Jujuy” for its lush forests which beautifully contrast with the arid Puna and Quebrada. Yungas is located in the eastern part of Jujuy province and is an area of fertile valleys surrounded by hills covered with lush vegetation. The humidity and high altitude conspire to keep these lands covered in the mist of low hanging clouds.  These “cloud forests” are crisscrossed by quiet yet powerful rivers providing irrigation for farming, especially sugar cane plantations and fruit cultivation. The Yungas region also possesses important thermal springs known for their unique healing properties.

The natural beauty of the Yungas’ mountains changes hue over the course of the seasons delighting visitors all year round. The main tourist attraction of Yungas is the “Calilegua National Park” because the national tourism bureau has been promoting it.  Towns like Calilegua, San Francisco, Valle Grande, Pampichuela, Aguas Calientes, Villa Monte, El Fuerte, and Fraile Pintado offer an interesting alternative for off the beaten path ecotourism and trekking in Jujuy.

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