La Posada del Qenti’s Room Categories Explained

La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa has 45 fully equipped rooms in three residential buildings tucked away in its exclusive estate in Punilla Valley in Argentina’s Córdoba province.  La Posada del Qenti used to have a staggering variety of rooms and prices which they have now narrowed down to three: Standard, Special, and Premium.  All room types are equiped for a luxurious stay, but there are some substantial differences between them.  Lets take a look at each building and the three room types.


Standard RoomsThese rooms are equiped with a minibar, air conditioning, hair dryer, cable TV, direct dial telephone, wall to wall carpet, balcony with a view of the swimming pool and the main spa building, and 24 hour room service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Special RoomsAll the comfort of a Standard Room but more spacious, with a balcony twice as big, and a jacuzzi  bathtub with a mountain view.

ALA BALCÓN Building:

Special Rooms: Superior quality rooms in an exclusive area of the estate.  Larger spaces, king size bed, stairless access, fully equipped, with a view of the swimming pools.


Premium Rooms: These are suites with a separate living room, more refined decoration and a view of the mountains.  They have large bedrooms with king size beds. Two of these rooms have two-person jacuzzis with a view of the valley.


Special Rooms: Superior quality rooms in the newest building of the complex. Fully equipped with king size beds and mountain view balconies.

Premium Rooms: Comfort, style, privacy, exclusivity. Suites with separate living rooms, bright spaces, private balconies, vertical shower panels with massage jets, and two-person jacuzzis with the best view of the valley.

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