El Calafate’s First Ice Bar

Glacio Bar is the first ice bar in El Calafate, Argentina‘s principal glacier tourism destination. The ice bar is located inside El Calafate‘s Glacier Museum, Glaciarium, which was inaugurated earlier this year. The 80 sq. meter (861 sq. ft.) structure and all its furnishings including drinking glasses are made entirely of ice from the famous Perito Moreno glacier. Glacio Bar is sponsored by the Fratelli Branca Distilleries and offers the full line of their products for tasting.  The signature cocktail of the new ice bar is the “Calafate” which contains Fernet Branca, amaretto, pineapple juice and Calafate berry liquor. (Calafate is the Spanish name for the Magellan Barberry shrub which is native to southern Patagonia). The bar is maintained at a temperature of -10° C (14° F) so entering requires special clothing and footwear. The entrace fee is 30 pesos for a 20 minute visit and all the alcohol you can drink. The Galcio Bar is open from 11 am to 8 pm every day and has a maximum capacity of 25 people (so you can estimate the wait if there is a crowd). For more information you can email the bar directly at glaciobar@glaciarium.com
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