Cafayate’s Vine and Wine Museum in Salta

There are places which, as if magically selected, possess unique natural features. Places whose landscape dazzles and captivates visitors at every turn. Places which, guided by man’s hands, unleash the earth’s bounty. One of these places is Cafayate in the southern part of Argentina’s Salta province, with its broad green valleys hidden among breathtaking mountain ranges. Cafayate has a privileged climate with great thermal amplitude between day and night and almost year-round sunshine. This combination of climatic features has created a natural irrigation system as the sun melts the high mountain snow and ice during the daytime while the cold nights allow the ice-pack to reconstitute with the moisture that rises from the valleys.  These are perfect conditions for vine growth, and especially for wine grapes.  On top of this, the high altitude of Cafayate’s valleys greatly reduces the necessity for many chemical pesticides as most common vine plagues cannot survive here.

Cafayate retains its colonial period heritage in the architecture of its town square and church, in the kindness of its inhabitants, but above all, in the renovated Museum of Vine and Wine which reopened in March 2011.  One of the main objectives of the museum is to convey the spirit of Cafayate and the Calchaqui Valleys. You see, Cafayate’s culture and history has beenintertwined with the cultivation of vines and the production of wine since the town’s founding.

The newly renovated wine museum is a place that conveys the aromas, colors and sensations related to the culture, history and production of wine in Cafayate’s valleys. The wine museum has two distinct areas defined by the contrasts between them.  The new wing is architecturally modern and houses multimedia displays of the wine industry’s technological innovations. The old wing maintains its traditional image and focuses on the history and tradition of vine cultivation and wine production.

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