Round the Clock Adventures in the Tigre of Buenos Aires

Tigre is a township which has become a classic daytrip for both tourists and locals.  Seductive to those choosing to leave the city without going too far, Tigre is located just 19 miles (30 km) north of Buenos AiresTigre is ideal for a relaxing rendezvous with nature, shopping, and water sports.  There are many enchanting hotels and traditional steak houses sprinkled among the islands that form the enormous river delta.  In many cases the only way to get to one of these gems is by boat.  And boat rides are a wonderful way to explore the delta even if you have no set destination.

Every weekend, Tigre fills with people browsing for wooden and wicker furniture and decorations in the Mercado de Frutos.  After a visit to the amusement park and the new designer shops, the trip continues onto Paseo Victorica, along the banks of the Luján River where one can find rowing clubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as the National Naval Museum and the Tigre Art Museum.  As night falls, a visit to the casino and a moonlit boat ride complete the Tigre experience.

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