Original Ideas for Souvenir Shopping

Why settle for the same tacky made-in-China souvenir junk when you can take home something unique and original?  We consulted with three Art Directors who have searched and scouted all over Buenos Aires to find original decorations and trinkets.  These are their favorite stores:

Cualquier verdura (translation: whatever).  This is an old house in San Telmo that has been converted into a shop, of sorts.  In fact the shop looks suspiciously like a designer home, except for the price tags on every object.  There are no display cases or “do not touch” signs to hinder explorers and treasure hunters.  New items, vintage articles, and argentine products are clearly labeled for the discerning shopper.  Everything in every room is for sale, from the bathroom to the kitchen and from toys to textiles.
Humberto 1st 517 San Telmo.

Tienda Palacio.  A store known for its originality, it is one of the main sources of props for the advertising industry.  It’s wares range from lighting, to decoration items, to household textiles and more. The place is very nice and has a large variety of small but lovely objects that can make original souvenirs.
Honduras 5272 Palermo

Pic Nic.  The concept is to translate patterns by printing them in different materials and objects, resulting in unique pieces that are known for their quality and originality. Pic Nic also invites you to create yourself, given that you can find these prints and textured fabrics sold by meter and in wallpapers.
Nicaragua 6080 Palermo
Arévalo 1588 (Kids and Pets) Palermo

If you visit the Pic Nic on Nicaragua street, I suggest a stop at the bar Oui Oui for their famous lemonade with ginger and mint and a slice of Chocotorta.

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