Vintage Clothe Stores in Buenos Aires

The best vintage clothes stores.  For those who love clothes with history.  For those who appreciate the workmanship of yesteryear.  For those who are tired of mass produced clone attire.  For you, the best vintage clothes stores in Buenos Aires:

1. Juan Pérez is a refined flea market, organized and divided by gender and type of garment.  It has a large room to enjoy the clothing of the past and an exculsive luxury goods sector.

Marcelo T de Alvear 1441, Capital.

2. KEAK tends to focus more on the bizarre, and is decorated in a very “Palermo” style.  It also functions as a costume rental house.

Costa Rica 5758, Palermo.

3. Mercado de Pulgas: While clothes are not their main specialty, you can find vintage bijoux and accessories, packed with necklaces, brooches and more.

Dorrego y Conde, Palermo.

4. 5ta Avenida: With a more alternative flavor, it is an entire gallery of local second-hand clothes, only for serious shoppers who are willing to dig more for a treasure. They have a great variety of bags and leather products.

Talcahuano 1071, Capital

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