Medical Tourism in Argentina: La Posada del Qenti

Medical tourism is growing by leaps and bounds in Argentina.  Health spas such as Posada del Qenti in Cordoba’s Punilla Valley, where Maradona has been rumored to go for rehabilitation, are rebranding themselves as medical spas.  After an extensive redesign and upgrade, Posada del Qenti changed its title from Health Spa & Resort to Medical Spa & Resort.

Posada del Qenti was already one of Argentina’s best and most renowned health spas and already had a specialized medical staff to tend to its guests, so let’s see what this reinvention means in terms of comfort, services, concept, design, and professional support.

The medical spa portion of Posada del Qenti integrates specially designed indoor and outdoor spaces combining local materials such as wood, marble, stone, and quartz with the most modern spa equipment.  The professional staff here carefully controls the mix of temperature, moisture, oxygen, and ozone to ensure guests experience maximum levels of comfort and relaxation.

Water is a very central element of the Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort.  The water used in the spa is very rich in minerals, especially iron, calcium, and magnesium. You will be happy to hear the water comes from natural springs and contains no chemical disinfectants because there is no need to reuse or recycle it.

Guests have several relaxing options to choose from, including video and music therapy, aromatherapy, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, Scottish and Vichy showers, and something called a hidrocaminador, which means water walker, and is designed to stimulate circulation in the legs.  There is a specially trained assistant for each guest who will provide guidance and personalized advice.  But what really makes Posada del Qenti unique is its isolated location surrounded by stunning mountain scenery with the wild sounds and smells of untamed nature.

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