Vickie is Feeling… Iguazu

Every time I go to Iguazu it’s like magic, like being in another world made of red earth and dense jungle, so very different from Buenos Aires.  It brings me face to face with the forces of nature, surprising me each time as if it were the first time with a feeling of insignificance next to her massive cascades of water and her enormous trees with leaves bigger than me.  It gives me immense enjoy to lose myself in the paths of the Iguazu National Park, looking up at a sky almost hidden by trees taller than I’ve seen anywhere else. Listening to the sounds of the jungle’s inhabitants I can make out the birds, lizards and coatis that show themselves to the human visitors but there is a much larger universe that remains hidden to the human eye. The park tour I always enjoy the most is the boat ride around the base of the falls; when the boat briefly passes under the falls the water seems to come at me from all directions at once.  I also recommend the eco-tour in a rubber rowboat in the tranquil river channels which lead to the majestic waterfalls; it can be quite the adventure.  As an Argentine I am proud to share the Iguazu Falls with visitors  from all over the world.

-by Victoria Garcia Rudi

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