Deer Mating Season in La Pampa, Argentina

The deer mating season runs from March through April in La Pampa, the northernmost province of Patagonia in Argentina.  The best place to see and photograph deer during their mating rituals is the Luro national park, 35 km from La Pampa‘s capital, Santa Rosa. Established in 1909 as Argentina’s first private hunting area, the Luro park covers 7600 hectares of forest, lagoons, and dunes.  Its first owner and creator, Don Pedro Luro, imported several pairs of Elaphus red deer, two cages of European wild boars and several pheasants from China.  These species thrived during the last hundred years in the Luro park adding to the native fauna consisting of mountain lions, gray foxes, ostriches, and skunks, in addition to 160 species of birds.

Visits to the Luro park are allowed in groups of up to 20 people.  All visits are accompanied by professional park guides.  There are two daily departures during the special mating season, one in the morning and one in the evening.  Visitors hide behind deer blinds on platforms to observe the behaviors and strategies of competing stags to form and maintain their harems of does in heat.

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