Three Days in Iguazu

We arrived at Puerto Iguazu airport in early January on a short flight from Buenos Aires. It only takes a few minutes to adjust to the pleasantly warm and humid tropical climate of the area before you realize you are actually in what closely resembles a jungle. Eye-catching and dense vegetation surrounds the airport and the entire 20 minute taxi ride to the Iguazu National Park. We opted to head straight to the park following our (suspiciously helpful) driver’s advice and didn’t regret it as we made the best of our first day in Iguazu by visiting the falls. If you are planning for the full experience of the national park you should expect to spend around 6 hours there – absolutely worth it.
Once you get to the park quickly take care of tickets and other logistics (wear light clothes and shoes which you won’t mind getting wet) and embark on a spectacular series of activities, each with its own beauty and character. A short guided tour on a truck took us through the jungle to the boat station where we set off on course to the waterfalls. Cruising along the river admire the humbling size and striking force of the falls but also start preparing to get completely soaked when the boat actually enters under the stream of the waterfalls!

Devil's ThroatThe adventure continues though various trails along the length of the waterfalls with stunning views of the various rivers and falls which extend a few kilometers. Take your time to immerse in the magic of the landscape and to dry your clothes in the sunshine cause you are up for another wet experience at the Garganta del Diablo (the devil’s throat).

A ride on the ecological jungle train followed by a catwalk trail of about one kilometer leads to the breathtaking spectacle of the most powerful waterfall at such close distance that you will find yourself surrounded by a cloud of spray generated by the sheer force of the waterfall. To return to the main park station you can choose to take the train or a (strongly recommended) rowing boat cruise along the tranquil river with dense vegetation, tropical flowers and the occasional crocodile (Yacare Caiman) resting on its banks…

If you are spending more than two days in Iguazu I advise you to cross the border to Brazil and enjoy the complete waterfalls experience from the opposite side. Similar trails and activities are offered on the Brazilian side (although not as extensive) plus you get the opportunity to go on a helicopter ride over the waterfalls for some stunning aerial views of the scenery.

We spent two nights in Puerto Iguazu and stayed at the beautiful Boutique Hotel de la Fonte.  A small (8 rooms) family owned boutique hotel built with exquisite taste and personal care that you won’t find in any chain hotel. Situated in a quiet part of the town (walking distance to the center) it offers an exotic scenery filled with palm trees and bamboo plants, an outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, indoor gym and topped up with a Michelin star awarded restaurant. Each room is different and uniquely decorated with the owner’s personal touch. This hotel immediately gave us a cozy feeling combined with comfort and privacy.

Relax on the hammock outside your room or lounge by the pool accompanied by the musical sounds of exotic local birds but do not forget to enjoy dinner at the outstanding restaurant. The Italian chef prepares everything with fresh ingredients combining the local produce with Italian recipes for a unique dining experience in an outdoor area by the pool. We loved the food – another pleasant surprise from this small hotel. Chat with the (also Italian) owner and local staff and don’t hesitate to ask them for anything that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

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