What to Do, Where to Go, and What to See in Buenos Aires

Here goes a guide to Buenos Aires that takes you from one amazing neighborhood to the other with tips and things you should not miss:

RECOLETA: Visit Recoleta and its beautiful cemetery where Eva Peron’s tomb is located. There are tons of little outdoor bars on the street just outside the cemetery.  I recommend staying at the Urban Suites Recoleta boutique hotel, from where I snapped the photo on the left.

SAN ISIDRO: Go to the riverside (el bajo) and have a drink in one of the waterfront bars. I recommend: Peru Beach overlooking the river where you can play various sports (or not), and the nostalgic Club Social restaurant. Go for ice cream to La Fragola, Freddo, or Via Flamminia, all three are traditional ice cream parlors on Avenida Libertador. Try a dulce de leche granizado con chocolate

TIGRE: Browse the market stalls at Puerto De Frutos and take a boat ride in the Delta. Explore the beaches on the islands where you can participate in water sports like water skiing and kite surfing. You can also find some amazing grills (parillas) that are only accessible by boat.

CENTERIf your are in the center of Buenos Aires you should visit El Ateneo bookstore (old theater); the historical tango dance hall Confitería La Ideal; don’t miss the nostalgic old buildings, French-inspired art galleries, and unique shops along Avenida Alvear and Patio Bullrich for the poshest shopping in Buenos Aires.  Have lunch at pizzeria Guerrin, my favorite in the whole world.  And wrap the day up with a coffee and medialunas in the legendary Cafe Tortoni, a landmark in the history of tango.

SAN TELMO: Apart from the antique and junk vendors, San Telmo has some landmarks of real historical interest such as the Manzana de las Luces catacombs.  Underground guided tours are available once a day at 3:00 pm on weekdays and three times a day on weekends, at 3:00, 4:30, and 6:00 pm.

LAS CAÑITAS: A neighborhood full of restaurants, grills and bars.  For a good parillada at a reasonable price, try Las Cholas which is open for lunch and dinner and has a roof garden in the summer.  Persicco or Volta have fantastic ice cream if you still have room after your parillada.

PALERMO: (my favourite): Visit Plaza de Armenia and Plaza Serrano; lunch at Bar6, snack at Marks, drinks at Único, pasta and pizza in Morelia (try the pumpkin ravioli with mushroom sauce), dinner at Mestizo ( the bondiola is amazing). Shopping everywhere, do not miss: Velas de la Ballena (candles) + Sabater Hermanos (scented soaps very original) + Juana De Arco (rare and funny underwear) + Humahuaca (leather handbags with unique design) + La Mercería (clothing and amazing accessories) + Jazmín Chebar (very creative designer clothes) + The Pepas (shoes, leather clothing, accessories and apparel)

COSTANERA AVENUE: There are several clubs worth mentioning: Jet Lounge, Tequila (hard to get in), Pacha, and Terrazas Del Este (the only dance club open at 7pm on Wednesdays)

Order a cappuccino everywhere you go as they are awesome and Enjoy Buenos Aires…or Baires (how we locals call it) to the fullest!!

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