El Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires

European immigrants of the 19th century chose Avenida de Mayo in the heart of Buenos Aires to set up their bars, gourmet restaurants and various businesses.

At Avenida de Mayo 800 you will find the oldest bar in Buenos Aires, Café Tortoni.  With a history going back to the mid 1800s, Café Tortoni maintains its original decor and style.  Its coffee tables have seated such historical characters as Alfonsina Storni, Quinquela Martín, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Gardel, Federico García Lorca, and Joan of Ibarburu.  Its prominent contemporary customers include: King Juan Carlos of Spain, Hillary Clinton, Robert Duval, Gabriela Sabatini, Juan Manuel Serrat and Bruno Gelber.

For the tourist, Café Tortoni has much to offer: Tango shows, Tango classes, and even a museum of Tango.  If you visit Café Tortoni make sure you try a cup of milk meringue, the legacy of the founder Giuseppe Tortoni, or simply enjoy the delicious medialunas (Argentine croissants) and excellent coffee.

On the same block as Café Tortoni you can also visit Artentino, an Argentine design shop/restaurant specializing in home decorations. Bright and attractive objects accompany delicious breakfasts and lunches at affordable prices.

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