Affordable Digs in the Heart of Buenos Aires

If you’re looking for affordable accomodation in a great location for your next trip to Buenos Aires, the Promenade hotel is perfect for you.  The Promenade is a 3-star hotel located in a privileged area of the center of the city of Buenos Aires.  It is 100 meters from the famous Florida Street shopping area and just 50 meters from the Reconquista walking street which is full of bars and sidewalk cafés.

The Promenade is also within walking distance from two more Buenos Aires landmarks, Avenida Santa Fe and Plaza San Martin. Nicknamed the Avenue of Fashion, the Parisian styled Avenida Santa Fe is one of the city’s main shopping and strolling areas, especially for clothing.  Plaza San Martin is a beautiful park and exposition area dedicated to General José de San Martín, South America’s George Washington.

For those planning to venture beyond central Buenos Aires, the Promenade is right next to the Retiro train station and the Omnibus long distance bus terminal.  These are not the buses Europeans and Americans are used to, these buses are much more comfortable, have different classes of service, even offering full beds and cabins.  For better trip planning you can buy your tickets in advance at

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