Cordoba: A Feast for Your Senses

From the plane I could see the mountains that cover most of the province and frame the city of Cordoba where we landed. After arriving we took a car through the hills, breathing in a pure air and enjoying the picturesque villages around lake San Roque. We drove on to Altas Cumbres (high peaks) and visited the famed Quebrada del Condorito to watch condors in their natural habitat.  We saw several nests and the majestic birds themselves, a unique experience.

The native tribe of the region, the Comechingones revere the condor and consider it to be the messenger of the gods and even an intermediary to communicate with their gods.  This is evident in artifacts and the rock art carved in the caves we visited.  On a side note, the name of the native tribe, Comechingones, is quite humorous as it has various naughty meanings in Argentine and especially in Mexican slang.

The next day we went trekking and mingled with the fishermen in search of the delicious trout found in the nearby rivers, about 2500 meters above sea level. We went horseback riding among the hills riding up to the Champaqui mountain followed by a visit to the subterranean river.

We visited Villa Carlos Paz, on lake San Roque, and enjoyed a sunny afternoon eating delicious pastries and regional sweets like colaciones and alfajores.  As the sun went down we immersed ourselves in the bustling nightlife of Villa Carols Paz. We came across a Peña, which is a spontaneous gathering where people play and sing typical argentine folklore songs in big groups, enjoying the music while drinking red wine and munching on delicious empanadas.

We did our shopping in Cordoba City where we found wonderful ponchos, and beautiful hand carved wood ornaments. People were very kind and their pace was very leisurely, a completely different experience from Buenos Aires, it’s hard to believe it’s just an hour away by air.

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