El Aguamiel: Award Winning Boutique Hotel in Mendoza

We are very pleased to anounce the addition of El Aguamiel to our growing team of hotels.  El Aguamiel is an award winning four star boutique hotel in the heart of Argentina’s wine country, surrounded by organic Malbec vineyards with a spectacular view of the Andes, and only a 20-minute drive from the city of Mendoza.  Congratulations are in order as El Aguamiel won two Silver Medals in the Best of Wine Tourism 2011 competition in the categories of Lodging and Sustainability.  Apart from excellent regional wines, the area surrounding the hotel also produces superb olive oil and honey.

Between wine tasting and parillada sampling you may want to squeeze some additional activities into your schedule.  There are two nine-hole golf courses in the adjacent La Vacherie Country Club.  Aguamiel itself offers a well balanced array of physical and relaxation activities such as horseback riding and bicycling to be followed by either a massage or a wine therapy treatment, or both.

For those of you using GPS, write these coordinates down for your next trip to Mendoza:  33°02’S, 68°49’W.  You can make reservations here.

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